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Friend of Cannabis,

Today, as we commemorate Veterans Day, I am thinking of my grandfather.

Granddady passed a few short weeks ago at the age of 93. A man whose life was defined by service, he was proud to serve his country and returned home to continue his service to community as a preacher in a store front church on the South Side of Chicago.

For me, today is a day of reflection and a call to action to work on behalf of our service men and women and our military families.

Today we recommit to fighting to ensure our veterans have access to the healthcare and mental health supports they need and that those who raise their hand to serve are not discriminated against because of who they love or their gender identity.

Those who serve are not motivated by reward, but by honor and service. They are not just heroes — they are our family members, neighbors, friends, and co-workers.

And, that is why it is so crucial that we embrace these men and women when they return home.

I am grateful for the work of Home Base, a local organization that supports our veterans during their transition into civilian life. Click here to learn more about Home Base and consider making a donation here.

— Ayanna


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