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That sound you hear is history knocking --- we have barely one month left to get organized before our crucial vote comes up 11/7.

New Yorkers have a proud tradition of protest and change. On November 7th, history asks a simple question: will this generation of New Yorkers finally take back control of our political fates with a YES on proposition 1?...  

If your answer is "YES", here are some things you can do to help us get organized.


The most valuable contribution you can make is your time. Whether you have an hour a week or a day a week, we need your help.

New York is in crisis and we are in crisis mode. WWW.JWD.NYC is a portable link that will plug you directly into our appointment calendar. It's portable because it's easy to remember and anyone can type JWD.NYC into a browser without having a link.

There you can instantly make a same day appointment for a phone call with our Executive Director to plan how your time can be used most effectively to bring legal cannabis to New York in just two years.

You don't have to be a New York voter or even live in New York to volunteer.

Start a Group

New York City has several groups that you could join, including our own meetup, LegalWeed4NY. We need a leader for this group. Could it be you? Join and find out.

Buffalo is New York's second largest city but there is no cannabis or medical marijuana group in Buffalo. Will you start one?

We will sponsor you. We can send you brochures, banners, buttons and the like.

Ditto Rochester, Syracuse and Albany. Yes, that's right, the four largest cities after NYC, have no cannabis medical marijuana groups. You can start one today and we will sponsor you.

You don't have to be a New York voter or even live in New York to start a group.

Join a Group

If you live in a city with a cannabis or medical marijuana group, join it today. Attend meetings. Speak up about the vote this November 7. Tell people IT'S ON THE BACK OF THE BALLOT!

Ask the members and the group's leader to mention us often and post links to our website to the group's messages and at its events.

Create Awareness in a Group Where You are a Member

Repost our content on your group's site or message board. Go to the “Press Section” of our website to find recent articles that we wrote as well as articles from the Press about us and about this process.

Write Content

No mater how small or large your presence is on Social Media and the Internet, you can write content. Repost our stories or write stories, repost our photos or create your own, and do the same with video.

Every view, every like, every reposting, helps us spread the word.

Distribute Brochures

We have created a simple half page brochure that you can print on your own printer. It's a double-sided letter-sized piece that you cut in half and then fold once to create two identical brochures. Print ten copies and throw a party!

We also created a quarter page brochure in two versions, Version 1 and Version 2.  Simply print the same image on both sides of a sheet of paper and cut in half verticaly and horizontally.

Sell or Distribute Buttons

We have campaign buttons with a prominent call to action that you can use to spread the word. There is also a DIY button stand that can be used to sell these buttons to raise money for our effort.

Sell the buttons or give them away, the important thing is to make people aware that we can take our issues to the voters if we say Yes! On 11/7.

Button Kits are $20 and include 20 buttons and the bits (felt tabs and a cardboard support) needed to construct the stand.

The stand is a 11/17 double-sided piece you can print at your local copy shop, laminate and with the buttons produces an attractive display that solicits a $4.20 contribution directly to our donations page. Cost for you to produce the stand is about $17.

Once constructed, each stand produces more than $100 in contributions and can be re-filled for just $20.

Put a Yard Sign Up or Distribute Them

We will match your contribuiton of $104.20 and send you 100 yard signs with wire frames. Or you can print your own signs using this image.

Alert Us to Events We Can Sponsor in Your Area

We don't have eyes everywhere. Events of all kinds in New York and nationally can be an effective platform for getting our message out. Is there an event you know of that we don't? Take a minute to send us a link to your favorite events between now and 11/7 by writing us at

Make a Financial Commitment

Volunteering and individual activism go a long way but some things cost money. Our opponents have set aside $5 million dollars to defeat us in the last three weeks before 11/7. We are more nimble and a lot smarter than they are but we still need real money.

Can you make a commitment of just $4.20 a week between now and 11/7? It's the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Jump over to our donations website and set up a one click donation of $4.20.

Every week on Monday at 4:20, we will invite you and others like to make that $4.20 donation. Let's show New York and the world the power of 420!